I began studying photography and arts at the institution of photography and arts Mussrara in 1996 in Jerusalem, Israel and have been working as a photographer ever since. Throughout the years, I have developed and enhanced my skills as a creative director and storyteller, specializing in visual branding and creative client solutions.

While living and working in the United States and across Europe, I have established myself as a photographer and a retoucher within Fashion, Beauty and Luxury goods. My work has took me around the world, working with talented creatives and agencies.

Being at most inspired by cinema, both in my photography and video work, I strive to find the fine line within art and commerce to adapt to each client's needs and get inspired by their personalities to formulate my storyboard,  hitting an emotional and psychological cord, in order to produce a visual language to best support their brand, and elevate their brand to their unique path in the industry.